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breaking my non-existance LJ post life to say [30 Mar 2012|10:07am]
The Hunger Games is so fucking good!.

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Amazing [19 Dec 2011|10:11pm]

I haven't posted in years lolol

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just sayin... [11 Nov 2009|06:25pm]


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the Controversal skit [04 Jun 2009|09:32pm]


I watched it last night and even I thought the bastards went too far with this....

this was so low.

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The Harmony Epilogue-The one you can stick in your book. [25 Feb 2009|06:00pm]
So I've done it. I actually took time out of my busy life and wrote this up. Actually I did it when I didn't have the net working and I was just bored. Took me two days but I couldn't help myself. I did tweak the original Epilogue from DH. I want to know what you think. I  found it interesting how easy it was to do this.

Standard disclaimers apply. I don't want any profit out of this, I just want to see what would happen. And I respect JK Rowling as an author but I love to see what her characters really got up to after DH lol!!!! But look I did it for fun, If you sue me well you wont get anything other than an empty wallet and maybe tin cans, I am that poor thanks to Uni atm.

The Harmony Epilogue:Collapse )
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Wonderin... [13 Feb 2009|03:47pm]
How does one pimp their LJ to look less shit?

Let me know bitches
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just bitchin [13 Feb 2009|03:34pm]
Yeah I know pretty fucking lazy but ahhh well.

Uni is alright.

So much work. And I can't be stuffed doing it.

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I need to go and see.... [20 Jul 2008|10:47am]
The Dark Knight!

honestly, Am I the only person on this Earth that has yet to see this film???

I need to go!

To see my hometown bb Heath in his last film ever!!!

On a completely unrelated topic. My 21st is coming up! :D
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Little blue pills... [24 Jun 2008|08:39am]
Stupid cold.

I hate when its your holidays and you get sick. For my luck I get sick on my last week of holidays so I could do jack shit during the week. I cut my holidays short this time because I am doing a winter intensive course at Uni starting tomorrow! Theology. Now as interesting as this may be it is just so much damn work. And because of the uni which I go too (Notre Dame) it's a compulsory core unit which I have to do in order for me to graduate. So here I am pissed off that I couldn't enjoy my holidays. And I blame pills.




urgh. For example last night there was a hell good episode of 'Skins' it was a Tony episode too and it was getting hell interesting but then the good little blue pills decided that they wanted to kick in. I woke up an hour later to see some foreign film on? I was PISSED! Great. now I have to wait till it comes out on dvd now.

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well omg! [29 May 2008|05:15pm]
You know when you find something completely by accident and you wern't meant to see it?  Well that has happened to me this morning.

I was with mum this morning going to her work *we car pool as much as we can seeing petrol is a bitch of a thing* and well she wanted to go to the bakery this morning which we did and during then she asked me to get her wallet out of her bag. For some reason I was like "Can't you just get it out when we go to the Bakery?" She then agreed. So after going to the bakery she didn't let me hold her bag. Now she knew before hand I needed to use her card to make some payments later .. uni while she was still working. That's all good.

We get to my mum's classroom and I am helping her set up before I dash off to uni *its litterally ten mins away from her work so its easy for me to get there on time and whatnot* and just before I had to leave I went to her bag to go and get the card out. That is when I saw a beautiful gold bag in her handbag. Now this interested me because here I am thinking 'Oh wow someone bought mum a really nice gift' *the students in her class are loaded and they usually buy her the best gifts imaginable.* and I was just about to open it and I tell mum "OH WOW whats in here!" Mum turns around and goes "OH NO!" and here I am going "what? huh?" I am still thinking at this point that this is some gift she has got from her student when my mum work collegue/friend comes into her classroom and she was like "Farrah found her birthday gift that we went and got....".

Oh Shit.

Now I was like "Mum, look I haven't opened it yet, take it back and let me have it at my birthday" and saying as many sorry and apologies as I can but mum was like "Look there is no point now, you will just keep bugging me till you find out what it is, and looks like I will have to get you another gift later on". *LOL!* I still felt at this pont really bad, because this was my 21st birthday present. And now the thrill is gone. Well anyway I opened the gift and nearly screamed...okay I did go "OMG!"

She got me a Pandora Charm Bracelet!!!!!!! This is what mine looks like!

You have no idea how long I have been wanting one of these. They are so incredible, expensive but completely AMAZING!! I am still in shock. She has got me one charm on it already!
The tortoise! ITs heaps cute :P!

I was totally loving the fact now I own a Pandora Charm bracelet! Naturally I am gonna get heaps more broke now buying charms for it, but its probably the best investment because they only get better and not worse.

Great finding unexpected birthday gift huh!  
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HAYFEVER! [30 Oct 2007|11:03pm]
And this is why I hate the month of Spirng.


This year however I have got it really bad.

You know how I have been constantly been getting the flu like every second week. Well I decided this is crap so I am gonna go and see what the docs say. So I head of to my GP. Anyhoo, tell him what my problem is, That it starts of like hayfever but ends up like I have the flu. The doc told me that's still Hayfever, only really bad. And I will constantly be like that till Jan!

NO WAY IN HELL! am I going to put up with that again.

So the solution. I am now on Asthma medicine! I have to in order from preventing me getting it. Only thing is I am on two...not one but TWO puffers and medicine. Completely terrible. And I have to stay on it till Jan!

I envy the people who don't get hayfever! The good thing is looks like the medicine is working, and I am getting used to the fact I have to constantly have Ventolin on me at all times.

Maybe I do have asthma? I mean does run in my family. My brother has it as do my cousins...hmm.

ahh well.

Aint stopping me going to the Gym. God I just love it! I am going now everyday and I just can't get enough of it!!! Seriously I recommend everyone get into the Gym lifestyle because honestly you feel as if you have a stack load more energy...which comes in handy in most cases :)
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